Dear Editor: Amnesty Program

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Dear Editor,

As a naturalized citizen of Antigua, I feel compelled to express my dissatisfaction with the amnesty program.

I can recall all the embarrassing visits I had to make to the passport office, and it made me consider returning to my country of birth.

One of my staff members has also been struggling with a similar issue and has had to take time off work every three months to deal with it.

The amnesty process, although appreciated, has been slow and expensive, resulting in a lot of inconvenience and financial burden for many individuals.

Most people’s documentation has expired while waiting for their application to be processed, and they have been asked to renew, which takes time and money.

The officials in charge of the process must not take it for granted, as most applicants are seeking permanent status for a better life.

The Government needs to find a solution to make the process more user-friendly.

This will not only relieve the financial burden on those seeking amnesty but also ensure that the process is efficient and timely.

Concerned naturalized citizen.

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