Court allows Jose Humphreys to continue to practice medicine

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A Stay of Execution has been filed and granted to allow prominent medical practitioner Dr Jose Humphreys to continue his work even in the face of this week’s defeat in the High Court where he is seeking an order to renew his medical licenses.

Dr David Dorsett, who represents the medical doctor, also told OBSERVER media, he has filed a notice of appeal challenging the January 30 decision of High Court Justice Clare Henry who refused to instruct the Antigua & Barbuda Medical Council to issue Dr Humphreys with his licence to practice.

“We have asked the court to stay the judgment and the effect of a stay is that judgment will not take effect until the case is determined,” Dr Dorsett said.

The lawyer further explained the court’s ruling that the Medical Council is entitled to conduct its due diligence, to which his client does not have an objection; however he stressed that the wrong issue is being investigated.

“The only issue that is proper for them to investigate at this time is if there has been any change in his circumstances, which there has been none. So it is on that basis that we have appealed the judgment,” Dorsett said.

The particular grounds of Dr Humphreys’ appeal are still being determined as he and his lawyer continue to peruse the nine-page judgment.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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