Coroner’s inquest paves way for post mortem on victims

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The Coroner’s inquest into the deaths of Latoya Craig and her ex-partner Bharat Kumar has been completed. This was done on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to sources close to the probe.
Those sources say this now paves the way for the autopsies to be done to determine what caused their deaths.
Craig and Kumar were found hanging in a house in the English Harbour, Liberta area last Friday.
The woman’s body was in the dining room area while the man’s was outside on a tree. Sources say that the inquest noted that Craig’s body was significantly more decomposed than Kumar’s.
This may be as a result of the fact that her body was in a much warmer place since it was indoors and the property was locked up.
A cashier at a shop in the area reportedly told police that Kumar, Craig and her three year old son were at the business place buying food for the child last week Thursday.
The bodies of the two adults were discovered the next day, while the child was found alive but dehydrated at the scene.
He was treated at hospital and released into his father’s care on Monday.
It is alleged that Craig told her current partner she was going to English Harbour with Kumar go clean a house last Tuesday. She took her son along with her. It was the last time the family saw or heard from her and the child.
They were reported missing on Thursday.

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