Construction worker beaten and robbed; another man attacked same night

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The foreman of a construction company who was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend had to seek medical attention yesterday due to a persistent headache associated with him being beaten on the head with a gun during the attack.

The victim, Seon “Pocket” Halley, told OBSERVER media he was on his way home close to midnight Friday when he was attacked from behind while walking in Ebenezer, near the office of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA).

The 45-year-old man said he resisted and struggled to get away because he was being choked quite hard.

“Friday night, I was going home, and suddenly I felt a hand come and scramble me and lock off my neck, so I tried to fight back. Then I felt a hit in my head. It was a next person who hit me in my head; it was three of them, and I got dizzy,” the man said.

The victim added, “One of them pressed me onto the ground, and one of them put his foot on my chest, and I saw him going into the bag, and he took out the payroll and everything, my phone, and everything.”

The payroll – cash – was approximately $2,100, while his phone is said to be worth $1,100.

Meanwhile, another man was robbed at gunpoint around 11 p.m. the same night, while he was returning to his vehicle after buying food at a restaurant in Herberts.

The victim, Gerald Quinland Jr, was allegedly grabbed from behind when he attempted to unlock his car door.

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