Concern over the number of foreign born diplomats representing A & B

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An advocate for profound constitutional reform in Grenada, John Anthony Rullow, says he’s concerned that 25 out of Antigua & Barbuda’s 180 plus diplomats are foreign born nationals.
He says residents should be familiar with those who are representing the country and get an opportunity to be part of the vetting process.

Meanwhile, Rishi Maharaj, Chief Executive Officer of a transparency NGO, Disclosure Today, weighs in on the pending change of policy on the appointment of economic envoys and ambassadors.
Maharaj says it would be important to know who would be monitoring the policy and what indicators would be used to determine whether the nation is getting value for money.
He says he’s in support of any policy to get rid of non-performing diplomats and that policy must be made public.
He also expresses concern that the government has appointed foreign born diplomats who are responsible for marketing the country’s citizenship by investment programme. He says it is not a normal practice.

Last week the government made public, the names and designation of over 180 people who hold diplomatic passports and who work as ambassadors or special economic envoys for the country.
This came months after the prime minister made a promise to disclose the names amid the public demand for the said information.
However, the list contained names of people whose diplomatic passport and appointment had been revoked or already expired. While, in some instances, people with diplomatic passports were not named on the list or were named twice; and no designated was stated for many others listed.

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