Complainant says legal body silent on sexual advances from official

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There has been no word from the Judicial and Legal Services Commission to the young woman, who is  accusing a prosecutor of unwanted sexual advances when she approached him for help with a case in which she’s the alleged rape victim.
The young woman made the complaint since September 23, and up to late yesterday, she said none of the officials responsible for the prosecutor had responded to her.
OBSERVER media was told that the St. Lucia based body wrote to the official two weeks ago, informing him a complaint was made but nothing has happened since.
The young woman wants the legal officer to be removed from the case in which she is the alleged victim of rape and buggery at the hands of two policemen who are awaiting committal. 
Already, as a result of the complaint she made about the official, the committal process in the rape and buggery case has been stalled. 
The committal was due to be done on November 6, but had to be adjourned pending the outcome of her complaint against the legal officer, a source confirmed.
She complained that she fears her rejection of the legal officer’s sexual advances would negatively impact her case after the official blocked her on Whatsapp and stopped speaking with her after she paid no heed to his advances.
The young woman has told the Commission that she does not want the official to give advice to the investigators on whether or not the rape case should proceed.
 According to her complaint, she had turned to the official for help earlier this year after several months passed without any action from the police who were investigating her complaint that she was raped by two cops in May last year.
She claims that after she sought the official’s help, he started making advances towards her.
Evidence of those alleged advances were reportedly presented to the prosecutor’s bosses, to include Whatsapp chats, screenshots of the official’s face and home when he made video calls to her in the wee hours and a call recording of at least one conversation,  among other things.
The woman who is in her 20s, reportedly made her first complaint to a female officer of the court who allegedly ignored her, then she reportedly turned to other officials who advised her to write to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.
The complaint was made to the body that is responsible for the discipline of the individual and given the seeming lack of enthusiasm to look into it, the young woman is even more concerned and frustrated. 

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