Committal hearing for suspected arsonist adjourned again

Shukur Hodge
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

The committal hearing for a man believed to have started a blaze at the Bon Appetit restaurant in Falmouth on May 1 has been postponed to March 16.

This will be the third adjournment in the matter.

Shukur Hodge, 21, made his first appearance before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards in May charged with arson of the restaurant building, which was said to be worth $892,000 while its contents were valued at $395,000.

He was granted bail and told to return in August to find out if there was enough evidence against him to send his case up to the High Court, but the matter was adjourned to August.

Then in August it was delayed again until yesterday.

Now Hodge will have to wait four more months to learn his fate since the case file is said to be with the vetting unit.

Hodge is currently out on bail which was set at $100,000, none of which had to be paid in cash.

He was also ordered to surrender his travel documents, and provide two Antiguan sureties.

The defendant was further warned not to interfere with the other possible defendant and any potential witnesses.

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