Combination of treatment, ongoing eradication programme will rid the state of fleas, doctor says

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By Elesha George

Vice President and Veterinary Advisor at the Humane Society, Dr Radcliffe Robins has offered solutions to the stray dog and flea infestation problem that seems to be plaguing mostly schools on the island.

In a matter of months, the Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS) and the Clare Hall Secondary School (CHSS) were both forced to dismiss classes as a result of flea infestation transmitted by stray dogs in the surrounding communities. Between the two schools, more than 500 students would have been unable to continue classes due to the infestation.

To reduce instances such as these, Dr Robins is suggesting that the various schools adopt a “no dog” policy and that the Central Board of Health (CBH) considers using traditional treatments in combination with products that contain Insect Growth Regulators/Inhibitors (IGR).

Products with IGR he assures, would work far better than the traditional insecticide, creating a more effective eradication strategy where the fleas are concerned.

“These new compounds actually kill the larvae and damage the eggs,” Dr Robins informed, stating that “if we have a product that is killing larvae and preventing eggs from hatching, you can see that we will be having a much more efficient control of our flea population”.

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