Collapsed roof at the jail not yet repaired

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Tuesday came and passed with no work being done to repair or replace the caved-in roof of the kitchen at Her Majesty’s Prison, despite a promise over the weekend that this would have started three days ago.
Sources at the prison who first told OBSERVER media about the situation which occurred just about four weeks ago, said apart from a visit from the permanent secretary two Friday’s ago, no contractor came.
Attorney general, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin had told this reporter last Saturday, that the work would have commenced on Tuesday and that he had already raised the matter in Cabinet and spoken with the contractors.
However, yesterday, one of two sources who spoke from the prison said, “Not a thing was done, none.”
That source said the inmates and officers are still working under the propped-up roof, risking their lives daily to prepare meals and pack away food items since it is the only kitchen and food storage area on the compound.
A second source said the prison officials seem to have “lost energy” to push for the changes they were going after in late 2014 when Albert Wade was first appointed as superintendent.

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