CMO urges residents to adopt measures aimed at preventing mosquito bites

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Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rhonda Sealy-Thomas is appealing to the public to take responsibility for their own protection against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which spreads Dengue fever.
On Thursday the Ministry of Health revealed that 10 cases of Dengue have been confirmed in Antigua and Barbuda.
Dr. Sealy-Thomas said although the ministry is playing its part, members of the public should take precaution.
“In addition to assisting us in destroying breeding sites, we are asking members of the public to also avoid being bitten. We know that at dusk and at dawn we see an increased amount of mosquito activity. So if you can avoid being out at those times, and if you have to be outside at those times, wear long sleeved clothing; try to reduce the areas of your body that would be exposed. You can also use mosquito repellant.
“We have to take several measures in order to avoid being bitten by the mosquito and in so doing avoid getting Dengue,” she said during a Ministry of Health press conference on Thursday.
Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Oritta Zachariah, also shared the sentiments expressed by Dr. Sealy-Thomas.
In addition, she appealed to parents to police their children’s behavior, as there have been reported cases of attacks on officers of the Central Board of Health (CBH) when carrying out their duties.
“In terms of being receptive to the persons that work at the CBH, I have heard that children sometimes stone the inspectors. I am asking that parents control their children, because I really don’t want our inspectors to be maimed because then
they will end up in the hospital or they will end up at the clinics,” Dr. Zachariah said.

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