CMC workers demand GM’s removal

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Striking workers of the Central Marketing Corporation (CMC) are accusing their general manager of
disrespect and vistimisation and said they want her out.
Yesterday, about a dozen staff members took industrial action outside the business located on
Market and Vivian Richards streets demanding better working conditions and outstanding back pay for three years, among other issues they highlighted with Heatherlyn Millett, the same general manager whom they want to be removed.
Romeo Aska, shop steward, said the employees are also growing frustrated with what they believe to be a lack of representation by their union that has been collecting dues but not working in their interest.
“The workers have been owed raise on their pay for three years, some complain about mold in their office and the working condition is not good. It has been over two years overdue since we have gotten uniform situation sorted; we are supposed to get uniform or an allowance,” Aska said.
The workers who reported for their 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. shift congregated outside the main door of the supermarket to vent their frustration with what they say is disrespect and victimisation by Millett.
The employees are also crying out for better working conditions and a reprieve from the leaky building that has roaches, rats, and other pests, allegedly.
“Rain coming outside and you need an umbrella inside the building. It is one door that acts as entry and exit and the room is hot. We have rats in there: two ah dem even have names, Hansel and Gretel. It is victimisation all around. I have [an employee] file big enough to make; they always giving employees a letter,” Glenda Romel told OBSERVER media.
The woman explained that she was issued a warning letter in April because she was away from her workstation. Romel said she was only away from her desk because the packing room was hot and she needed to get fresh air.
Another employee of the accounts department said her face has broken out with bumps because of mold and unsanitary conditions in the workplace.
“We the staff of the Central Marketing Corporation (don’t) want to work with her. She is targeting the staff. There would be more people out here but for fear of victimisation, the staff is afraid to stand up. Twenty-one of the 29 workers signed a petition in January to ask for her removal,” another worker added.
OBSERVER media met with Millett at her office but she indicated that she was on the phone with her superior and she had no comment on that matter because she was unaware of the reason behind the industrial action.

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