Closure of Grays Farm pharmacy causing headaches for residents

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Sick and elderly patients who use the Grays Farm Clinic’s Medical Benefit Pharmacy say its closure is posing an inconvenience – as Public Works engineers battle towards a one-week deadline to finish repairs.

Up to Thursday, patients were being told to use the St John’s Pharmacy or the pharmacy on Browne’s Avenue to pick up medication instead, since the Grays Farm pharmacy had been closed the day before. An employee reportedly fell and injured herself because rain water had been pouring in from the ramshackle roof.

“I find that’s kind of a setback for the community because sometimes you have the flu, and to travel from Grays Farm to Browne’s Avenue is not easy,” one resident told OBSERVER media.

It is an estimated 13 to 15-minute drive from Grays Farm to the capital city, barring heavy traffic.

On his way back from collecting medication for his elderly mother at the St. John’s pharmacy, one man agreed that it is easier to pick up at Grays Farm.

 “It will definitely affect some people. In this time, there are a lot of people that do drive and there are a lot of vehicles in Antigua, but it’s not everybody that’s privileged that have one themselves, so the convenience of being able to come down to the Grays Farm pharmacy and it’s not here anymore is gonna cause some difficulty for some people, especially with their illnesses,” another resident told our newsroom.

A 72-year-old woman who had taken a bus to the Browne’s Avenue clinic to purchase medication said she was exercising patience.

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