CBH cracks down on expired goods

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Inspectors from the Central Board of Health (CBH) swooped down on a supermarket yesterday, and removed “thousands” of dollars’ worth of expired and stale groceries from its shelves.
From about 8 am to after midday, the three female workers from the health department carried out the operation, which caught the operators of Cash Saver (Oops) located on Factory Road, by surprise.
They removed more than eight carts that were filled to the brim with a number of canned, packaged and other goods that were past expiration date from the business located in the O’Beez commercial complex.
When OBSERVER media arrived at the supermarket, the inspectors were examining the groceries and documenting the dates and items that had expired since last year and earlier this year.
Among the condemned goods were soft drinks, salad dressing, candy, spaghetti and meatballs, canned sauces, cake mixes, gravy, processed meats, juice, vegetables, jams and stale bread. All the items in question still carried the original price tags for purchase.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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