CARICOM Eminent Persons Group meet with Haitian stakeholders in Kingston, Jamaica

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A wide cross-section of Haitian stakeholders, a microcosm of Haitian society, met in Kingston, Jamaica, at the invitation of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on 11-13 June 2023.  Stakeholders welcomed the inclusive nature of the meeting.

The meeting sought to facilitate inclusive dialogue among Haitian stakeholders in an effort to find a solution to the protracted multi-dimensional crisis in which the country has been mired.

Stakeholders addressed the core issues of the interim governance measures needed to restore confidence in the transition and to ensure that the government could deliver its commitments.  These commitments include the critical issue of security and stability; the organisation of credible general elections to choose a legitimate and representative government; constitutional reform; and the pursuance of fundamental reforms required to preclude a repeat of the current crisis.

Stakeholders widely expressed that there was a need to build confidence and trust in the interim administration in order to effectively address the security crisis and for preparations for elections to commence. In this regard, there was widespread stakeholder support for the modification of the structures of government in the interim period.

The Interim Prime Minister, Dr Ariel Henry, committed to greater inclusiveness in governance through the establishment of a government of national unity, beginning with working with the partners of the December 21 Accord to increase the number of members of the High Transition Council (HCT) in order to include representatives of a wider group of stakeholders. In this regard, the Prime Minister made a statement to the meeting, which is attached.

Several other suggestions were made with mechanisms reflecting the spirit and intent of the Haitian constitution by implementing a governance structure based on a presidency and a prime minister.  Additionally, this structure should adhere to the constitutional requirement that a minimum of 30 percent of decision-making positions be held by women.

The Eminent Persons Group was urged to continue to use CARICOM’s Good Offices to work with all stakeholders to find a definitive solution to the crisis.

The Eminent Persons Group committed to going to Haiti to continue these consultations within the next several weeks. 

CARICOM reiterated its commitment to provide support for the elections including assessment of preparations for and observation of the elections.

Participants thanked CARICOM for initiating this meeting. They also expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and People of Jamaica for their warm hospitality and committed to continuing the dialogue as the CARICOM Good Offices process progresses.

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