‘Calypso farmer’ murder trial hears from witnesses

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By Latrishka Thomas

‘Calypso farmer’ Carmona Samuel had been quick-tempered and suicidal prior to his death, a court has heard.

The 72-year-old’s ex-partner Elon Ketwaroo, 37, represented by lawyer Lawrence Daniel, is on trial in the High Court on an indictment for murder.

She is accused of killing Samuel – aka ‘The Mighty Farmer’ – during an altercation at Samuel’s farm two years ago.

Yesterday, a witness testified to seeing Ketwaroo running scared out of a side road on the day in question. But another witness, who is said to have known the deceased for around 40 years, stated that he was quick to anger and had previously made comments about killing himself.

She shared that Samuel told her he could not live without Ketwaroo, who he broke up with sometime prior.

It is alleged that on September 20, 2017, sometime after 3pm, Ketwaroo and Samuel had an argument at his Gilbert’s Estate property.

Reportedly, during the domestic dispute, they were both stabbed.

Samuel, a repeat winner of the ‘Farmer of the Year’ competition, who also made it to the finals of various calypso competitions several times, was found dead on his stairs with a stab wound to his chest.

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