Calypso art-form does not have to die

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Calypsonian Kublai Mannix says the plague of Calypsonians releasing songs too close to the time for the staging of Carnival competitions, is something that must be addressed.
He says this will help to rebuild public support for the artform which has not been attracting a large number of patrons competition time.
Mannix says another issue is that calypsonians are not releasing a lot of music in comparison to the past.

Mannix says calypsonians sometimes hold back because of a lack of confidence.

He says if they work on improving the product they put out, they can be guaranteed the support.
Mannix says another problem is that once carnival is over, calypsonians are forgotten because they don’t do anything to market themselves.
Several contributors to OBSERVER radio’s Snakepit programme on Saturday said that the biggest problem with the calypso fraternity and calypsonians is the lack of marketing all year round.

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