Calls for Solid Waste Chairman to go

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Frustrated truck drivers and grasscutters attached to the beautification department at the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), yesterday, called for the “immediate removal” of the Chairman of the Board, James “Tanny” Rose.
The workers, who were protesting over the prolonged late payment of wages, have argued that the chairman has done nothing to ease their plight and his presence has made the situation unbearable.
Yesterday, the workers took their frustration to the NSWMA’s headquarters before midday, but left without their concerns being addressed.
“He needs to go. We need our money and he has done nothing to help us, if he is the boss he is the one that can make things happen and if he is not doing that then it is time for him to go,” said one truck driver who did not wish to be named.
“When the lady, Miss Francis and the other guy that preceded her were there, we used to get our monies. He [Rose] went away for two weeks and we got paid back to back and now we can’t get anything,” another trucker said.
According to the workers, the statutory corporation was 17 weeks behind in paying wages and the dates outstanding go back to last year.
The workers said they are paid on a weekly basis, however, if they are paid for one week, there is no guarantee they will be paid the following week.
Truck drivers and others in charge of garbage collection told OBSERVER media that they have fallen on hard times and are unable to meet their financial obligations.
One truck owner said he was not able to afford the diesel needed for his vehicle.
He also said he is now struggling to come up with the money needed to pay the driver he contracts to assist with bulk waste removal.
Those in charge of cleaning and cutting the grass along the roadsides said they are barely able to pay rent, school fees, or provide their basic necessities.
They also complained of having to dip into their pockets to cover the cost for strings and gas for the weed whackers and lawn mowers to cut the grass — a cost that is not absorbed by NSWMA.
When OBSERVER media contacted Rose, he referred us to the management of the authority but efforts to reach anyone proved futile.

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