Breaking: Trudeau closes borders to most non-citizens, Americans exempt

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( – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will close its borders to all non-Canadians, apart from U.S. citizens and diplomats, to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“We can still slow the spread of this virus but that window is closing,” Trudeau said.

Addressing Canadians from outside his Ottawa home, where he is in self-quarantine, Trudeau also said:

  • Ottawa is mandating air carriers to screen passengers with symptoms of the novel coronavirus out of lines so they don’t board planes home.
  • Airlines will be required to refuse passage to people with symptoms.
  • Any Canadians abroad showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to return to Canada.
  • International flights will only be out of four airports: Pearson Airport in Toronto, Trudeau Airport in Montreal, Vancouver International Airport and Calgary International Airport.
  • All Canadians, if possible, should stay home. Social distancing is an important step to help protect each other.
  • Canadians out of the country should return home while they still can. “If you’re abroad, it’s time to come home,” he said.
  • Canada is taking “increasingly aggressive steps” to keep everyone safe.
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