BREAKING NEWS: Suspects killed in shootout with police identified

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The police say the two men who engaged them in a shootout on Vema Lane in Lightfoot East this morning are known to law.
The men, who were pronounced dead on the scene, are Travis “Ten Pound” Martin-Bailey and Jamele “Marlo” Hurst.
Both men have been arrested in recent years for gun related crime.
The police say the Special Services and Rapid Response Units were patrolling  in the area near Classic View apartments around 1:30 am when they received information about suspicious activity in the area. 
When the officers responded, they came upon the suspects who were dressed in camouflage. 
It is alleged one of the men opened fire on the officers who returned fire and killed them.  
However, the occupants in the vehicle who were waiting for them outside the apartment building sped away.
Lawmen are still searching for the vehicle and its occupants.
One resident on the scene said told OBSERVER media the gunfire exchange which woke him up, lasted over 15 minutes. 
Up to 5:30 a.m. the bodies had not yet been removed from the scene.
Jamele “Marlo” Hurst, the second suspect who allegedly engaged police in a shootout in Lightfoot East. He was killed on the scene
Travis “Ten Pound” Martin-Bailey, one of the suspects who Police took down in a shootout in Lightfoot East. Photo Courtesy Police.
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