Brazen daylight robbery could leave two tourists stranded

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By Carl Joseph

Two more tourists have been robbed and will most likely be left stranded in Antigua.

Daniel Edimanski of North Carolina and his family were snorkeling at Pigeon Point Beach yesterday morning when two fellow-tourists shouted that two men were stealing his bag.

The family of nine which included Edimanski’s cousin, Alex were visiting the beach during an island tour, and had left their belongings on the sand along the beach as they engaged in various activities.

Daniel said that he was alerted to the theft while he was in the sea.

His mother then shouted to her nephew, Alex, to chase after the two thieves, and the pursuit led to the gate at the APUA desalination near the beach.

Daniel told OBSERVER media that the two men had already hopped over the gate and made their way up the mountain adjacent to the plant.

Daniel and Alex described the two men as black, about 5 feet 8 to 5 feet 9 inches tall, and one of them was wearing blue pants.

The thieves made off with Daniel’s and Alex’s cell phones, their wallets which contained their bank cards, IDs, and cash, as well as their passports and cruise identification tags, which were all in the bag.

“We just finished talking to the police,” Daniel told OBSERVER media.

“We drove to the police station and wrote a report and after that, I don’t know what else can be done.”

Daniel, obviously concerned about what will happen once he and his cousin return to the ship without any travel documents or any identification said, “I don’t know if they’re even gonna let us on the boat.”

Last Friday, an Italian visitor Rosalinda Scipioni was left stranded after thief or thieves smashed the window of her rented vehicle while she and her young son were at Runaway Beach, and made off with her handbag, which contained their travel documents, among other items.

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