Bon Appétit: Antigua and Barbuda’s finest drum corp

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By Strong Supporter

Aaaahhhh! It is a simply delightful honour to chronicle the successes and positive impact of the Bon Appétit Drum Corp, formed by Darien Daniel and Delron Frederick of Antigua and Barbuda. The band was formed just over a year ago, and since that time Bon Appétit has achieved a remarkable level of participation in national events and recognition throughout Antigua and Barbuda.

The journey of Bon Appétit began with a mere handful of young people, but it has since grown to twenty-five plus. It is a diverse, talented, ecumenical, enthusiastic group of young men and young women.

The primary objective of Bon Appétit Drum Corp is to allow God to use the music of their drums to unite people, to help in making positive changes in the lives of all who hear, and or participate, in the various musical events, and to serve Antigua and Barbuda in an innovative and meaningful way.
       As a popular musical group they have embraced Biblical principles, which have guided them in honouring God, as they use their musical talents, not only to entertain, but to also serve the community. Recently, the group donated six fans to the paediatric ward at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre – a gesture of love in action!

The band’s active involvement in various functions include, parades, drum festivals, the Independence parade, concerts, church services, graduations, funerals, youth and church rallies, opening ceremonies, and general celebrations in Antigua as well as Barbuda. These all underscore their versatility and commitment in service to their country.

Interestingly, the band recently participated in a local volleyball tournament and placed third.

Overall, “Bon Appétit” is an example of how music and community engagement can be combined to create something truly impactful, while at the same time showcasing the country’s musical talents, and strengthening our cultural identity in Antigua and Barbuda.

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