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Blue Halo completes demarcations for fishing sanctuary


Barbuda Fisheries has now completed the demarcation of Barbuda’s coastal sanctuaries as part of the Blue Halo conservation project.
The Waitt Institute, which is partnering with the Barbuda Council, said this marks an important milestone in the island’s efforts to manage and protect its marine resources.
Over the last three months, a team consisting of Barbuda Fisheries, the Codrington Lagoon National Park, Maurice Underwater Services and the Waitt Institute installed 27 buoys and 15 signs on water and land to mark the boundaries of Barbuda’s marine protected zones.
These zones stem from a law passed in 2014, when the Barbuda Council established coastal sanctuaries, no-net zones, and anchoring zones around the island.
A release from the Waitt Institute said the council established the protected zones to sustainably manage important marine habitats. The conservation group said the reserves allow fish and lobster populations to replenish and spill over into nearby areas that remain open for fishing.
“By designating protected areas, Barbudans have taken a bold step in managing their natural resources. They have protected critical habitats such as the Codrington Lagoon that is home to an immense fish and lobster nursery as well as significant area of coral reefs including Palastar Reef. We look forward to seeing the ecological and fisheries benefits in years to come,” said Waitt Institute Science and Field Manager, Andy Estep.
The team surrounding Barbuda Fisheries installed buoys and pilings to ensure that no fishing areas, no-net zones and anchoring sites were clearly marked.
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