Benjamin: Teams must improve their game

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President of the Liberta Sports Club and former national and West Indies fast bowler, Kenneth Benjamin has called for teams competing in the domestic cricket leagues to be more competitive.
His plea follows the Liberta Blackhawk’s dominance in the recently completed Super40 cricket competition put on by the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA).
“Obviously, you need really good competition and you need the other teams to step up or else we are going to find ourselves in a situation where only when two or three teams meet you get quality cricket and that’s not what you want at all,” he said.
The Blackhawks have won three of four competitions put on thus far in 2018. They have also won both 10 overs competitions put on by the cricket association.
Benjamin is concerned that his players will soon weary of their dominance.
“It is just the players and the chip on their shoulders where it is that they want to win, they want to continue being the best but in terms of cricket and from where I am sitting, I am a little bit concerned it is becoming sort of easy and once that happens players become complacent and you start to lose the quality,” the former player said.  
The cricket association is currently hosting its two-day tournament.
Liberta has been crowned champions of that tournament four times in the last five years.

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