Beach House Hotel roof repairs completed

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The owners of The Beach House Hotel in Barbuda, Stanhope Shepherd International, held a “topping off ceremony” this week, to mark the completion of the roofs on the building.
Minister of Barbuda affairs, Dean Jonas, who was present at the ceremony, said: “This is significant because Barbuda does need the investment. In order to rebuild anything, you need to invest in people and invest in job creation.”
He explained that to rebuild Barbuda there is a need to rebuild businesses. According to Jonas, the completion of the roof is an important start to getting the tourism sector back up.
The minister also advised that the Beach House Hotel does not over-extend itself. He said that the government wishes for the business to be successful and to avoid financial problems he warned against moving too fast.
Minister of Tourism, Charles “Max” Fernandez, who was also present said, “This is the kind of commitment we want to see.”
He added that “after the hurricane devastated the island, a number of people took up and left”, however, it was commendable that investors pushed through the challenges to accomplish such a project.
He commended the CEO of Stanhope Shepherd, Adam Barrett, for his effort and for reaching this far.
Barrett, who ended the speeches, said: “The one thing we have always maintained is the vision we see not just for our projects but for Barbuda as well. For a long time Barbuda has been the forgotten land.
“We need to be able to have the facility in place and show people what Barbuda can be,” he added.
Barrett further added that within the next six months he expects the project to take long strides forward.
Pastor Clifton Francois pronounced the blessing over the building located at Palmetto Point.
Stanhope Shepherd Limited (SSL) is a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1995 (and subsequent amendments) of Antigua and Barbuda in January 2011. The principal purpose of SSL is the development of Residential Tourism products across the Caribbean, with its primary focus on the twin island state of Antigua & Barbuda.

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