Barrett building new hotel next to Verandah

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Well-known hotelier Rob Barrett has revealed that he is building a new “five-star” luxury resort next door to the Verandah Resort & Spa, and that the construction has been ongoing for the last three to four months.
Over the weekend Barret told OBSERVER media, “You wouldn’t have seen anything because it was all happening underground but now I’m coming above ground and it’s going to be noisy.”
The new property is to be called Hammock Cove and is envisioned to consist of 48 to 60 five-star cottages which the hotelier said “will be similar to Hermitage Bay”.
The noise is one of the reasons that Barrett, the Chairman of Elite Island Resorts, has chosen to close his Verandah property for renovations and send its guests and staff to the company’s other resorts.
Regarding the closure of Verandah, the hotelier said, “I’ve got to redo my buffet including tiles. That takes a week. I can’t operate if I’ve got masons in there tearing up the buffet area.”
He argued that he is using the slow period of the year to carry out the renovations. Many were surprised to hear that the property would be temporarily closing its doors

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