Barbuda Council member demands wages be paid

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A member of the Barbuda Council is renewing his party’s call for the body to clear a two week backlog in unpaid wages.
Council member Kendra Beazer says wages remain two weeks in arrears and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party-led council must make good on its obligations. Beazer, a member of the Barbuda Peoples Movement (BPM), said it is unfair to expect Barbudans to “make do” in the absence of the money “which they have earned”.

The Council member said that in his view, getting paid-up with all its workers just before the council elections in March was not a genuine gesture by the ABLP because now, according to him, there is little attention being given to staying up to date with wage payments.

Meanwhile, Beazer said travelling between Antigua and Barbuda remains costly for residents of the sister isle. Around the middle of last month, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Caribbean Helicopters Neil Dickenson told OBSERVER media that Barbuda Airways could begin operations “within weeks”.
Barbuda Airways is a joint venture between the government of Antigua & Barbuda and Caribbean Helicopters intended to be the low-cost air bridge between the two islands. However, when the CEO made the statement he was careful not to commit the long-delayed project to another deadline.
Meanwhile, Beazer said an improvement in the ability of  residents from both islands to travel between the islands must be made.

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