Baby burnt in deadly fire needs corrective surgery

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Little David Emmanuel Adrian Prince, who lost his mother, nurse Gayann Williams, and his older brother Jayden Prince in a deadly house fire in 2016, now needs the assistance of the public to fund corrective surgery to his hand.
The toddler suffered burns to his hands and face when the early morning fire destroyed the family’s Jennings home. He was only eight months old.
Despite being airlifted to Martinique and Guadeloupe, nurse Williams and Jayden did not survive and baby David was treated at the Mount St Johns Medical Centre for six weeks before being discharged.
Eddy Prince, William’s fiancé at the time of her death, told OBSERVER media exclusively yesterday that their son David was assessed by a visiting Jamaican doctor, who concluded that nothing else could be done locally.
Prince said his son was taken to Atlanta, US, where he is staying with a greataunt.
Since then doctors have performed corrective surgery on the toddler’s right arm, which was less affected than the other.
Eddy said the burns to the child’s arms damaged the tissues, leaving the skin tightened, deforming his hands and limiting the mobility of the left wrist.
Now David needs the public’s help to raise US $5,000 to fund the flight from Atlanta to Boston, accommodation for six to eight weeks, therapy, and medication he may need after the surgery, which is scheduled for November 25.
“He is very high in spirit. They removed the keloids on the right hand and grafted it so he has full use of that hand. The left hand has a lot more work to do because he has no function of the wrist,” Eddy said.
Anyone wishing to make a donation to the child’s medical fund can do so to an account in Gayan Williams and Eddy Prince’s name at the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, account number 102000513.
The father said it has been a challenge since the deadly blaze.
“I would not wish this on my enemy, not even my worst enemy. It has been rough but I have to do what I have to do. It has not been easy,” he said. “I also have an eight year old daughter that I have to look after as well.”
A David Prince medical fund GoFundMe campaign was also launched. In three days, only $200 was raised.

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