Authorities to probe clearing of land near Wallings Reserve

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By Elesha George

A site visit is being planned for some time next week as the Ministry of Environment attempts to get a clear understanding of the issues surrounding land clearing near the Wallings Nature Reserve.

Site Officer Arry Simon said he reached out to Refica Attwood, the executive director at the reserve and will further investigate the matter. The organisation, on its Facebook page, also posted that on Thursday, officials from Development Control Authority (DCA) and the acting Director of Agriculture came out to visit.

 The protected area, which is located in John Hughes Village, is recognised as the last remaining rainforest in Antigua and Barbuda, so the clearing of land near the reserve is causing an upset among members of the non-profit organisation.

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  1. At what point do we say enough? If you wonder why it does not rain in certain parts of the country let this be your proof. Eco tourism or Eco Terrorism? which one was it that we are practicing? It’s not rocket science or maybe it is. Clearly our politicians are selling the country out from under us, and our children’s futures. All that money they are busy taking they can not take with them. Maybe instead of going to Mars we just send politicians?


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