Attempted robbery at Cassanova's Jabberwok location

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The owner of the Cassanova Restaurant branch at Jabberwok says he’s thanking God no one was hurt during an attempted robbery at the business place.
The businessman who did not want to be named, says the incident occurred at 1:21 am on Sunday, when most of the customers had already left and the managers were getting ready to close operations.
He says a masked gunman entered the restaurant and put a gun to a customer’s head to get that person to move away from the cash register.
The would-be thief grabbed the register and ran but it fell from his hands since it was actually connected to wires that were connected to a wall.
The gunman struggled for a short while to run off with the register but failed, each time, he and the register fell to the ground.
He eventually left empty handed. The owner of the restaurant tells OBSERVER media he will be investing in round-the-clock security to ensure his customers and business are safe.

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