Ass’n head says disabled residents fear victimisation

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The head of one of the disability groups in Antigua & Barbuda is blaming what he said is the “fear of victimization”, for the lack of support over the years.
Bernard Warner, who is the president of the Antigua & Barbuda Association for Persons with Disabilities (ABAPD), told OBSERVER media that persons with disabilities are afraid to speak publicly about the issues affecting them, because they are afraid of losing their jobs.
“They [some disabled persons] work in government jobs and are scared they will be fired,” Warner said.
He said disabled people sometimes shy away from public discussions, but make their comments privately.
“It makes no sense to share matters in private and shut up in public. The concerns will never be addressed,” Warner stated.
He added that there has been deafening silence, especially on issues relating to access and discrimination. “People are generally cautious in what they say or what they don’t say because of the trend within the government system,” he said.
“I have been a prime example of discrimination because of how vocal I am.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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