Arthur Nibbs: No last minute bans on produce

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Agriculture Minister Arthur Nibbs has cautioned local farmers not to expect an automatic ban on certain produce when there is a glut on the market.

Currently, there is a surplus of cassava and sweet potatoes. Pumpkins are at levels to meet the demand on the market, and tomatoes are in good supply and should increase significantly over the next four weeks.

And, even as the ministry encourages the local community to support the farmers, Nibbs said they, too, should look after their interest by communicating with the technicians about produce in a timely manner.

“The ministry has been trying to get the co-operation of the farmers to provide the information about produce to the technicians in the ministry, so we are able to know exactly how many farmers are producing and the type of produce which will be available,”

The minister said once his ministry is aware of what is available on the local market, measures can be put in place to provide the market for the local farming community.

“We will not be placing a ban on the produce because we were not aware of their availability. There must be a production plan, you plan ahead and you inform the ministry, so we can initiate the necessary bans,” Nibbs said.

The public was informed, via a press statement, that there is a surplus of certain vegetables on the market while others will have a surplus soon.

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