Armed robbery suspect still at large; questions about seriousness of effort to capture him

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Wanted robbery suspect, Anthony “Thug Life” Govia is believed to have fled Antigua for another territory after allegedly robbing Carlisle Bay Resort of over $60,000 last year, a source close to the investigation said.

Plausible as this theory may be, there has been no further appeal since earlier this year for public assistance to capture the Freeman’s Village man who has been on the run for the past 14 months. Also, no wanted bulletin had been posted on Interpol up to yesterday when OBSERVER media checked the site.

The source said a number of tips were received over the past few months since the incident, and it is believed that someone close to a senior law enforcement officer might have facilitated Govia’s escape from the island.

While Govia remains on the run, his partner – a former employee of Carlisle Bay Resort – Kathy-Ann Isaac, is awaiting trial on charges in relation to the robbery.

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