Antiguan Wins Subway 3-Stage Race

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By Carlena Knight

The reigning national cycling champion, Conor Delanbanque, added another title to his pantry over the weekend, as the newbie rode away with the overall title in the Subway 3-stage cycling race.

Delanbanque, who hails from The Good Guys Cycling Club in New York, first won the Circuit race on Saturday afternoon, then secured the Road race title on Sunday with an overall time of 5:06:22.

Anguillan Hasani Hennis (5:10:33) finished second overall in the event. Hennis also won the first stage of the race, the Time Trials on Saturday morning.

Former national champion Robert Marsh (5:10:36) settled for the third place spot in the overall competition and also finished third in the Time Trials.  

All three riders competed in the Elite Male Class which required them to ride one lap in the Time Trials, 30 in the Circuit race, and three in the Road race.

Caribbean Junior Championships Time Trial bronze medalist, Renee Gayral Jr. (5:33:06) walked away with the Junior overall title while Lindsay Duffy (3:40:03) was crowned the Female champion.

Vincentian Peter Durant (4:15:49) secured the Masters title in the event, beating Antiguans Mervyn Gore (4:16:06) and Patrick Peters (4:17:30).

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