Antiguan Kite-Boarder Debuts As Analyst After Injury Forced Him Out Of World Championships

Tiger Tyson (center) is flanked by President of IKA, Mirco Bambini (right) and Goonar during live commentary of the Formula Kite World Championships. (Photo courtesy Tiger Tyson)
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By Neto Baptiste

It is said that in every disappointment there is a blessing and if this is so then it was extremely disappointing for young Antiguan kite-boarder Tiger Tyson, after injury forced him out of the just ended Formula Kite World Championships in Italy.

Little did he know however, that the blessing would have followed so closely, as just days after he collided with another athlete during a routine trial run of the course, Tyson was invited as an analyst by the championships’ broadcast team which was carried live on a number of social media platforms.

Tyson said the experience has been eye opening.

“We were in a room and had a screen with video footage from the drone and also from the beach so I could see from a different perspective what the racing was like. I could see how people’s different strategies worked and also see how the wind on the water was shifting or where the course was favoured and maybe that’s why some people were doing better or worst so yeah, I really enjoyed that. I learnt a lot. Of course, I’d much prefer to be on the water but it was still a good compromise to do that,” he said. 

The Antiguan and Barbudan athlete who had his eyes set on competing at the championships, could be out of action for at least another month due to his injuries.

Tyson said doctors are however optimistic that with proper care, he could get back to competition before the end of the year.

“The doctors think I have a grade one tear in my ligament so I just need to rest and then I can start doing physiotherapy and using ice and slowly get it moving again to get the elasticity back into the ligament. I am really hoping I will be able to kite in a month’s time. There is some competition at the beginning of December or end of November so I am hoping to be able to do those,” he said.

The US’ Daniela Moroz captured a remarkable fifth straight title at the event held in Sardinia. Moroz, on Monday, came from behind in the finals shootout to seize the coveted crown.

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