Antigua: land of sea, sun – and speed bumps?

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By Latrishka Thomas

Residents appear to share the opinion that Antigua is slowly becoming the speedbump capital of the Caribbean.

Recently, many rubber speedbumps have been put down across the country to promote traffic safety and, while some residents agree that they are useful, some believe that there are too many.

OBSERVER media spoke to residents around St John’s and one woman said that though the humps are numerous, they will prove very useful in preventing traffic accidents – particularly among younger drivers who she said were more prone to speed.

“Not bad at all. Need some more in some more areas. Not bad at all. Actually, young persons when they get their license it’s just a licence to go and kill themselves,” she said.

An elderly man shared similar sentiments saying that “for sure a lot of the countrysides need them because the drivers there are very reckless”.

However, some residents expressed serious concern that the speedbumps are redundant because many of the country’s roads are yet to be fixed and the speedbumps are being placed in an ad hoc manner.

“Them put speedbump inna Grays Farm in Christian Street; five a dem out pan Christian Street. Okay them, me understand people always ah speed pan Christian Street but five of dem?” a Gray’s Farm resident asked.

“They are very good, but I think it’s too close and too much,” another woman added.

One resident, Roger Apparicio, claimed the measure was an attempt to use up excess government cash.

“They have put the speedbumps in places that don’t need them; I would like to see them placed near schools.”

Moreover, numerous residents have taken to social media to share their frustration.

One irate social media user said, “What really make them people a put down speed bump all over the place instead them fix the road in Antigua?”

“They have them on blind corners like, why would you do that, and they mashing up car shocks and they are at places where they are not necessary,” another added.

A social media user also posted a recent photo showing a nail sticking out of one of the rubber humps noting that it could destroy someone’s tyre.

“It’s ridiculous! Slowing down traffic and some of them aren’t done properly, so there’s stuff sticking out of them,” one woman exclaimed when referring to the viral image.

Attempts to contact officials from the Ministry of Works on the matter have been unsuccessful.

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