Antigua is the “talk of the town” at CARIFESTA

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The Antiguan delegation has been the “talk of the town” as far as fashion is concerned and is expected to be in other areas as CARIFESTA celebrations in Barbados continue.
Director of Culture, Vaughn Walter broke the “good” news to OBSERVER media yesterday, along with other updates on the 13th celebration of CARIFESTA which will feature art and culture from around the Caribbean region.
“I am happy to report that yesterday we had the fashion team taking part in the fashion show and Antigua and Barbuda was the talk of CARIFESTA,” said Walter. “We were scheduled for 9:00 to 11:00, and they came and asked us to do encore performances.”
Walter said that around 80 persons are part of the Antiguan delegation, which includes private groups, soca artistes, the culinary team and steel band players who have all been representing Antigua & Barbuda well.
“We had a two and a half-hour practice session with our soca band, an hour and a half practice session with the steel band and the drama group is practising daily,” said Walter. “Even the culinary team has been giving tips and lectures about Antiguan cuisine in hotels.”
“As far as the actual parade is concerned, we [were] accompanied by one of our very own iron bands from Antigua and Barbuda,” said Walter. “We [had] collaboration between the Halcyon Steel orchestra and the Cultural Soca band.”
Similar to the concept of Antigua Carnival’s Opening Glow Parade, Walter said that the Antiguan delegation took a supply of glow sticks, which they used for the CARIFESTA opening parade yesterday evening.
“We had a surprise for the people of Barbados, because the parade [went] into the evening,” said Walter, as he explained the use of the glow sticks in the parade.
Walter also said with full confidence that everything needed for the Antiguan team is in place, including medical services and water stations to ensure the teams’ wellness.
Up to the time of the conversation with Walter yesterday afternoon, he said that representatives from some countries such as St Kitts and Nevis were still absent, due to the weather conditions and subsequent flight issues following the passage of Tropical Storm Harvey.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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