Anthony: We need more female golfers

Female golfer, Kimesha Anthony, on the course
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By Neto Baptiste

Female golfer, Kimesha Anthony, believes there is an urgent need for new and young female players in the sport.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show at the time, Anthony, who has won at the Caribbean level, said the task has proven difficult thus far, but added that those currently involved are doing well.

“We are trying to get more females in, we have a few now in terms of the younger ones coming up, but that is what we are pushing for really. I’ve done my time so we are trying to get the young ones now to follow in my footsteps per se. They seem to be interested because you know girls, some of them don’t want to be out in the sun and stuff like that, but the few that we have they seem to be very interested,” she said. 

The national golfer, who has dominated the female version of the game here for many years, said there has never been enough women in competitive golf here, a situation which forced her to compete mainly amongst the men on the golf course.

The game, she said, has however helped in many ways both on and off the golf course.

“It helps me to stay focused because you have to think when you play golf, it’s not just about hitting a ball here, there and everywhere, you have to think the game and it helps me to relax sometimes. It is supposed to help me with patience but I don’t have patience but it helps me a lot, especially with school work because you are going to have to sit down and focus on everything you’re dosing, every shot you’re playing,” she said.

Anthony has captured five Barbados Open titles with the last one coming in 2016. She has also won the Trinidad Open title.

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