Another hotel, another theft, police investigate

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A guest at Sandals Grand Resort is the latest to report valuable personal items being stolen from her room during the time she and her fiancé were out on the beach while vacationing in Antigua.

The incident occurred on Sunday and the victim, a visitor from the UK, said the missing items include a Huawei cellular phone and a Hugo Boss wristwatch. The phone is worth US$400, while no value had been established for the watch up to yesterday.

A police report on the incident indicates that the couple left their room around 10 a.m. on Sunday. Upon returning at 6:30 p.m. when the female went to use her phone, she could not find it.

She then noticed that her watch was also gone. She reported to security that the items – which she had left on the dressing table – were missing, and that the room had not yet been cleaned when they left, but they met it clean when they returned.

When OBSERVER media contacted the hotel yesterday, the General Manager, Matthew Cornall, confirmed the incident, adding that “it is now being investigated.” He made no further comment.

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