An emotional "Pretty Boy" speaks about his innocence

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Assistant Coach of the Antigua and Barbuda National Football Team, Derrick “Pretty Boy” Edwards, broke down in tears on OBSERVER Radio today when he spoke publicly for the first time about his ordeal in Jamaica where he is awaiting trial for drug related offences.
Edwards finally came out on bail yesterday but cannot leave Jamaica before the matter is concluded. He was arrested along with the team’s equipment manager, 48-year-old Danny Benjamin, who was not so fortunate in getting bail.
“My main concern is to get Danny out of that situation. I’m telling you, speaking about it, it hurts. It brings tears to my eyes man, it brings tears to my eyes,” he said as he choked on tears.
They face several charges, to include unlawful possession of compressed marijuana found in the team’s luggage last week Monday (March 26) when they were about to leave the Norman Manley International Airport.
Edwards said he has been coping only because of his Christian faith.
“For me personally it has caused me a lot of pain. My reputation is tarnished, even though I know both of us, myself and Danny, are innocent. It caused a lot of pain to my family, my friends. But, as I said, I have to put all my trust in God and hope that we could get out of this situation with a good record,” he said during the exclusive interview on Good Morning Jojo Sports programme.
Edwards has asked friends and well wishers to support Benjamin who is still in behind bars in Jamaica.
“I tell him to have faith in God, he is there for us and he is going to protect us and I feel for him. He is sick, he isn’t; 100 percent. He was overseas because he has problem and a lot of people didn’t know. He’s on a medication and he has to have the medication coming to the jail and sometimes it is a bit difficult because when the medication runs out, to get it back sometimes it takes another day to two days. Now I am out and he is in the jail by himself, it’s tough, it’s real tough,” Edwards added.
The football official said the process of securing his own bail was long. Presently the lawyer representing him and Benjamin is trying to secure bail for Benjamin in a higher court. The two are to return to court on April 10.

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