Alleged rape victim complains of advances from legal officer

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An officer of the court is under investigation after an alleged victim of rape complained that he targeted her for sexual favours  when she turned to him for help with her case.
The complaint was made in late September, 2018 to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission which is responsible for the hiring and discipline of the individual accused of repeatedly approaching the young woman.
The alleged rape victim, who submitted her complaint in writing, has asked the organisation which is based in St. Lucia to remove the legal officer from her rape case. She expressed fear that her rejection of the official could lead to his interference and could impact the committal process of the individuals accused of raping her last year.
The committal in that case comes up next month in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court.
The complainant used words such as “vindictive” and “spiteful” to describe how she thinks the individual would behave based on his alleged subsequent behaviour since she did not take on the alleged advances. She added in her complaintthat she fears she could lose a chance at having her rape complaint case fairly addressed.
Along with the letter of complaint of the official’s conduct, sources close to the matter said the alleged victim also submitted records of conversations and screenshot photographs from video chats to support the report she made.
OBSERVER media has been investigating the matter for the past two weeks, but only yesterday concrete evidence of the complaint was sourced by our entity.
And, according to sources close to the matter, the accused man’s employer only wrote to him late
last week, advising him of the complaint and an investigation which is to be launched.

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