All postal branches shut down today

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If you were planning on picking up bills, letters, packages with goodies for the holidays or any other item at the post office today, forget it.
Workers at all government postal stations have decided to join their colleagues at the St. John’s Post Office in protest over poor conditions at the building that has a leaky roof and prolonged electricity issues following heavy rains over a week ago.
This would include workers from the Airport Postal Services, the Nelsons Dockyard Branch, the All Saints Division and Cedar Grove branch.
The workers have already assembled and are planning to march in the city outside the main office.
The employees have not stated how long they plan to sustain the united action, but yesterday the St. John’s staff said they will not work until their issues are addressed.
They walked off the job yesterday, demanding better conditions as they lamented that the lack of electricity makes the environment too dark and damp.

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