Accused child rapist on the loose

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The hunt is on for a 40-year-old man who allegedly raped a 13 year-old female relative who complained to her father and the police this past Saturday morning.
According to police sources, the incident occurred in Grays Hill and lawmen spent the entire weekend searching for the accused rapist, including at his home, but he was not found.
It is alleged that at about 11:30 a.m. Saturday, the child approached her father and told him about the attack.
When quizzed, the child provided more information about who did what, when and where and her angry father immediately took her to the Grays Farm Police Station to file a report.
The Sexual Offences Unit was also summoned to join the investigation and to interview the complainant. Rape is an offence that carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.
A police medical form was given to the father and child to advance the investigation using the services at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre to gather medical evidence.
Police sources said that the investigation is ongoing, and if the assailant is not found within a certain time, a wanted bulletin will be issued.

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