ACB Caribbean celebrates 66 years of service; From Penny Bank to ACB to ACB Caribbean, ACB is a household name

Ms Heather Azille and Ms Marita Laurent at the home of Ms Azille.
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Today, October 20th, 2021, ACB Caribbean is celebrating 66 years of service to the community. 

A combination of commitment, hard work and diligence has paved the way for ACB Caribbean to flourish and grow from humble beginnings in 1955, known as the “Penny Bank”, to its present-day state as a resilient “Billion Dollar Bank”. 

According to a release, the bank now boasts an employee contingent of 206 individuals in two countries, multiple full-service locations, and 66 years of service.

To commemorate the 66thAnniversary, The Bank was able to identify a long-standing customer, Ms Heather Azille, who has been banking with the organisation for 64 years, and paid her a visit to thank her for her loyalty. 

ACB Caribbean, Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager, Ms Marita Laurent remarked: “We are happy to be able to show appreciation to Ms. Azille, who has remained with us for 64 years and counting. It’s a proud day for me to make this presentation on behalf of all those at ACB Caribbean before me who have served you over the years.”

Ms Heather Azille proudly displays her gifts from ACB Caribbean

Ms Azille’s account was opened 64 years ago by her mother. She has maintained this account, and in her words: “I have been with ACB from Penny Bank to Antigua Commercial Bank, to ACB Caribbean. ACB is a household name.”

Ms Azille was elated by the visit from the ACB Caribbean contingent, who presented her with a cheque for EC $2,000 and a luxurious bouquet of flowers. 

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