ABYMA ‘Industry Showcase’ Sets Sail with Ocean of Opportunities

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In a crescendo of anticipation, the 2nd ABYMA ‘Industry Showcase’ is poised to cast its maritime spell this Thursday and Friday at the captivating Lucky Eddi’s in English Harbour.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association invites both seasoned seafarers and budding enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a boundless sea of opportunities.

This showcase spotlights transferable skills that act as a portal into the dynamic maritime realm. From the intricate expertise of electricians, woodworkers, varnishers, and painters to the essential roles of plumbers and the welcoming embrace of hospitality positions like waitstaff and housekeeping professionals—there’s a role for every aspiration.

Even those without a prior nautical background need not worry, as tailored training sessions are on the horizon.

As the event unfurls, prepare for an illuminating exploration of the diverse opportunities on display at the ABYMA Industry Showcase.

This rendezvous promises to unveil the beating heart of Antigua and Barbuda’s thriving yachting sector, where every attendee has the chance to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of maritime excellence.

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