Abraham: VI Plus Invasion brought out the big guns

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One organizer for the VI Plus Invasion drag racing meet, Lisa Abraham, has credited the event with bringing a number of racers and car owners back to the track following prolonged hiatuses.
Speaking on the event which happened at the North Sound Raceway over the weekend, Abraham said a number of local drivers and car owners who had not participated in any event for a while, made their return to the track while Antigua’s “The Lightning” scored an upset victory over an arch-rival.
“We have Damian Mussington and he was out for several years and has been operating as a track Marshall since we opened North Sound so we hadn’t seen him behind the driver’s seat and he came out first time,” she said.
“We had several personal best for Antiguan drivers and our big feature race, King of Calle versus “The Lightning” and I am sure Danny Emmanuel didn’t sleep last night [Sunday] because Antigua is on top of the world right now as “The Lightning” took down the King of Calle,” she added. 
The event, which started with a test and tune day on Friday, featured a number of cars and drivers from the Virgin Islands as they competed in a number of grudge matches and category events.
The feedback, Abraham said, has been positive.
“They said they had a really wonderful time. They said they never expected what happened at North Sound and it was way past their expectations. We had the minister [EP Chet Greene] there to welcome them and to officially start the event,” she said.
“We had gifts from the Ministry of Tourism, from one of our sponsors, Automotive Arts, and also from the Festivals Commission just to welcome them to Antigua. They said just how everyone greeted them and treated them, they just felt so welcomed,” the drag racing association member said. 
As for the attendance, Abraham said she was somewhat disappointed but satisfied at the same time.
“Friday and Saturday wasn’t so good but we were thankful as other events were also taking place but with yesterday [Sunday] having the finale of Carnival 60 and also seafood fest, we were pretty pleased with the turnout yesterday [Sunday],” she said.
A second installment of the event, Abraham said, is currently in the planning stages and a date will be announced in the coming weeks.

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