ABFA makes timely presentation to local FIFA referees

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The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) presented to its three FIFA referees — Iroots Appleton, Kevin Peters, and Wsanah Barnade — Polar watches that will significantly improve their fitness monitoring and help to advance their training for their duties.

Polar uses the Polar Flow App to analyse post-workout summaries, highlighting heart rate, cadence, speed, and altitude on a map.

It also has a GPS setting which where the workout is done race once information is downloaded to app. The coach who is connected on the app, can see the speed a referee was running, the heart rate zone they were in depending on the type of aerobic training prescribed, example, low intensity, medium intensity or high intensity.

Activities for training can be selected from the app and downloaded to the watch as well.

The referee chooses the appropriate activity when training, example, swimming, running, strength session. They themselves can monitor their heart rate and the training load while training.

 If a fitness test is required for overseas appointments, all information can be seen from the app, as in the time for each activity, where they did the activity and the heart rate during activity.

The presentation was made by President of the ABFA Everton “Batow” Gonsalves, ABFA and FIFA Fitness Instructor Kelesha Antoine, and ABFA General Secretary Rohan Hector.

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