A&B participates in workshop geared toward modernising health care system

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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

China is exposing health care practitioners around the world, including Antigua and Barbuda, how to translate Beijing’s modern medical systems into their respective health care systems.

The Chief Paediatrician at the Mount St John Medical Centre (MSJMC) Dr. Shivon Belle-Jarvis is representing the twin island state at the 20-day conference, which is currently being held in Beijing, China.

She told OBSERVER media that she is impressed at how China is using simple technology to improve efficiency and diminish patient waiting time at the hospital, an undertaking that should be implemented in Antigua and Barbuda.

 “They guided us on how important it is to translate to the digital and mobile age in which we do exist. For them, everything is electronic … their medical records can be shared from one facility to another,” she said.

According to Dr Belle-Jarvis, patients in China no longer have to wait in long lines, as they can make appointments and print results through an automated system.

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