A&B is in no danger from tropical wave, Destin says

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By Carlena Knight

Local Climatologist Dale Destin is assuring the public that despite the latest weather advisory, the country is in no immediate danger from a weather system, which was expected to impact the country from last evening into today.

According to reports, an inverted V Tropical Wave is expected to move through the Eastern Caribbean with forecasts of thunderstorms across many parts of the area on Friday and tonight.

When OBSERVER media contacted Destin, he further explained that despite the update less than an inch of rain is expected to fall in Antigua and Barbuda.

“There is no danger, none whatsoever. There is no danger from the rainfall because it may not get to more than an inch. There are likely to be thunderstorms but nothing out of the ordinary,” Destin said.

An inverted V is a tropical wave where which cloud bands have an appearance of an inverted V.

They are aligned approximately parallel to the lower tropospheric winds and change orientation along the wave axis.

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