A New Weekend Shift

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Going in to the weekend, we hope to find ourselves shifting down a gear, or two, mentally and physically slowing down after a busy work week, getting ready to chill out and relax a little.  As the new host for the re-styled Weekend Shift, I aim to help you shift into that chilled space and also open up some space for new ideas, new possibilities, new ways of thinking.
The show is a mix of conversation, good music, guests, and some great new ways to interact with you the listeners and readers of The Daily OBSERVER.  I will be sharing some of my eclectic thoughts around personal development and growth, alternative ways of living and thriving.  I will also be encouraging you to have a more open mind, to be more present in your daily lives.
Ever the linguist that I am, I will be asking you to open your eyes and minds to new ways of observing the world that we inhabit. In this ever-changing world with all the fast-paced technology, the need to have everything and be everywhere, I want to encourage you to slow down a little, to enjoy the space you have, your family, your friends.  To reacquaint yourself with the simpler things in life that give us pleasure, time spent with those you love, getting out in nature, reading, listening to good music, cooking, having fun, hiking, swimming, dancing, meditation or whatever it is that fires you up and reminds you that you are alive.
Make time for you and the things that make you feel good; help you improve your quality of life; and thus, the quality of those you live with.
I will be inviting people to guest host with me, share their passion for life, what they love, what they do not love and want to change, why they love Antigua & Barbuda, how, if they are not Antiguan & Barbudan they ended up on this twin island paradise.  Stories of life. I often talk in metaphors/stories because one of the simplest ways for people to change is by listening to a ‘story’, a meta for change.
I believe that the more we share, the more we can grow. One of my favourite sayings is that one of us is not as smart as all of us.  I encourage you to come share your smart with me. 
So, if you are looking for a mental mind shift then you really need to tune in to the Weekend Shift this Friday at 6.30pm.
I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you. Contact: Cell 732-1032 Email: [email protected] FB: Life Coach Antigua www.janishough.com

Janis Hough


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