Soca Monarch Finalists (Jumpy/Groovy)

The following artistes have passed to go into the Jumpy Soca Monarch Finals against Tian Winter :  Bernie Byke Janine Laurena Davis Lyricksman Natural Rampler Ricardo Drue Zamoni The following artistes have passed to go into the Groovy Soca Monarch Finals against Ricardo Drue : Bernie Blade Claudette Peters Ebony-T Kimmy Laurena Davis Lyricksman Menace...

Calypso art-form does not have to die

Calypsonian Kublai Mannix says the plague of Calypsonians releasing songs too close to the time for the staging of Carnival competitions, is something that must be addressed.

Junior Soca Finalists 2017 (Groovy)

The following Junior Soca Artistes have been selected to compete against Baby Eve in the 2017 ECAB Junior Soca Groovy Competition: Amona Deh Myghty BC Empress Kid Vicious Princess Sylene Singing Shyla Soca Villan Youn Lyrics   Junior Groovy Standings

Thirteen to Compete in Rebranded Scotiabank Mr & Miss Teenage Pageant Competition

Under the theme, “This is My Now”, the 2017 contestants of the newly rebranded Mr & Miss Teenage Pageant were officially introduced during the sponsorship presentation with title sponsor, Scotiabank.

No restrictions on Dancehall in ‘Soca Monarch’

Chairman of the Party Monarch Committee Herbert “Burga” Joseph has revealed there are no restrictions on genres other than Soca entering the competition. “If it’s a Dancehall song or an R&B song, you can lose points in that part, but there’s no restrictions for entering,” Burga said on OBSERVER AM this morning. He also said...

Junior Calypso Finalists 2017 Ages 13 – 19

The following Junior Calypsonians have been selected to compete against Lady Melody in the 2017 State insurance Junior Calypso Competition: Darryn Deh Mighty BC Kid Vicious K-Kay Lady Clair Lyrical Master Princess Sylene Singing Shyla   Jr Calypso 2017 Finalists     

Junior Calpso Finalists 2017 Ages 5 – 12

The following Junior Calpsonians have been selected to compete against Little Miss in the 2017 State Insurance Junior Calypso Competition: Baby Eve De African Prince De Prophet De Real Boss Little Don Mighty Mussi The Lyrical Weapon Baby Shine (Barbuda’s Jr Calypso Monarch)   Jr Calypso Rankings Ages  5 – 12  


From the judges’ stand, three nights in a row this week, I have sat and listened intently to this year’s slate of calypsos hoping for extraordinary compositions, replete with interesting word play—the essence of true calypso. Music has been commendable, however, my hopes have been dashed again: Use of Language/Word Craft has proven to be...


CALYPSO MONARCH SEMI FINALISTS De Arc. De Bear. Destroyer Snr. Dr. Principle. Dr. Solo. King Fiah. King Kaseba. King Panman. King Singing Sudden. King Zacari. Queen Althea. Queen Ivena. Richie Francis. Sage. Sammy C. Sassy. Stumpy. Willie Wawa. Young Destroyer   This list is not in the order of the points received.